There has been a George Zimmerman sighting---in Texas!


  The recently acquitted Florida murder suspect and neighborhood watch volunteer was pulled over for speeding on Sunday in Forney, a small town east of Dallas, according to the local news web site


  Zimmerman told the officer about a handgun he was carrying in the glove compartment of his Chevy Ridgeline pickup truck.


  Zimmerman told the officer, according to dash cam video, that he was going 'nowhere in particular.'  He was heading westbound on Highway 80 in Forney when he was stopped.


  Police say they confirmed Zimmerman's identity through a date of birth check, determined he is not wanted on any outstanding warrants, and sent him on his way with a warning.

  The entire incident took about five minutes. 

  It wasn't revealed just how fast Zimmerman was driving through the small town of about 14,000, why he was there, or where he was going. 

  Forney is known as the 'antique capital of Texas' and it is a bedroom suburb of Dallas, which is about 30 miles away.