It truly is the end of an era.


  The San Antonio Public Library is ending the Bookmobile, which has delivered books to schools and neighborhoods since the 1960s, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Assistant Director of Library Services Dale McNeill says several factors led to the decision to eliminate the Bookmobile, including the fact that far fewer people live a long distance from a library branch.


  "We've built more libraries in a lot more neighborhoods in San Antonio," McNeill said.


  He says the march of technology, from e-readers to e-books, has also helped fill the gap.


  "Compared with years in the past, the usage was less," he said.


  When the concept of the Bookmobile began, it was a welcome sight in rural areas, inner city neighborhoods, and other areas without a library branch.


  Today is the last day to check out items from the Bookmobile, and the Bookmobile's last run will be made October 24th.


  Funding for the Bookmobile is due to a cut in funding for the Public Library in the city's 2014 budget.


  The bookmobile itself will be sold as a surplus vehicle by the City of San Antonio.