Its white knuckle time for teachers, principals, and superintendents, as the annual Texas Education Agency school accountability ratings come out on Thursday.


  But 1200 WOAI news reports these ratings will be different.  Gone are the familiar four ranges of success, ranging from 'exemplary,' to 'academically unacceptable.'


  "Schools and districts will get ratings of 'met standards' or 'did not meet standards," Debbie Ratcliffe of the TEA told 1200 WOAI news.


  These are the first accountability ratings in two years.  There were no ratings last year, because the STAAR test started in 2011, and officials didn't think it was fair to make ratings based on a brand new standardized test.


  Ratcliffe says you'll have to do a little studying of the ratings to determine exactly what made a district or a school 'not meet standards.'


  "When you dive into the data below the standards, then you'll see, for example, that it was due to math, for example, or graduation rates."


  But if you are in love with 'exemplary' and 'recognized,' don't worry.  Ratcliffe says it's back to the future in 2014.


  "A bill that passed the Legislature this past spring will have us go back to those rating labels for 2014."


  Another bill in the Legislature would have had schools and districts rated the same say teachers rate students...with grades of 'A' through 'F.'  But that made too much sense.  That bill did not pass.