New Briscoe Western Art Museum to Open
Will add to San Antonio's cultural development, highlighting downtown =========================================

Now that the Witte and the McNay and San Antonio Museum of Art have been amplified, to join them will be the Briscoe Western Art Museum opening October 26th and 27th.

Board chair Debbie Montford says the museum will join new life developing downtown.

"From the inception of the idea of a museum it's been almost ten years.
You don't create a museum overnight."

Opening festivities will showcase Native American dancers while visitors gobble down Western themed food from a chuck wagon.

Montford says the Briscoe will lift the tide of our cultural growth even further.
"There are about 700 pieces of art and artifacts that will be featured in the inaugural exhibit," she says.

"And we had the opportunity to build a three story event pavilion that will bring revenue back to the museum."

The renovations and expansion of the the old Hertzberg building have been transformative.

City officials say the museum, which is literally around the corner from the Alamo, will give visitors another place to go to get a feel for the history of the region.

The grand opening is free and open to the public.