San Antonio city staffers will have their opportunity to crunch the numbers on the CPS Energy proposed rate increase, something, Mayor Julian Castro, who also serves on the CPS Energy board, wants to see before he commits to supporting the proposal, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "Our city team gets to scrub the numbers that CPS Energy offers, and then make a recommendation on how we should go forward," the Mayor said.


  CPS Energy has recently cut the size of its rate hike request from 4.75% to 4.25%, but the proposal continues to attract criticism, mainly because of millions of dollars in ratepayer funded bonuses were handed out to top CPS Energy executives last year, right before the utility started pleading poverty and demanding ratepayers pay more.


  Questions have also been raised about the utility's pay policies.  It was recently revealed that CPS Energy pays a 'blogger' $83,000 a year.


  Castro says all this makes him want to carefully look at the numbers presented by CPS Energy before moving forward.


  "This is what CPS has recommended, and we will hear from our city staff, who has vetted that, and they will present their recommendation on what they think it should be," Castro said.


  Castro has previously spoken up in favor of higher rates for CPS Energy, saying the utility needs to bear the large costs of stringing new electric lines and building substations to serve new areas of the growing city.


  The utility has also agreed to slash a significant amount off of its 2013 executive bonus plan.


  The 'blogger,' however, still makes $83,000 ratepayer dollars a year, about twice the salary of the average San Antonio public school teacher.