It looks like the famous Bracken Bat Cave in far north Bexar County is safe from development, at least for now, 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.


  Andy Walker with Bat Conservation International says a developer who wanted to build 3500 homes near the Bat Cave has pulled out of the deal.


  "Now that they have stepped out of the picture, we are looking forward to continuing our discussions with Galo Properties, which remains the owner of the property," Walker said.


  The Bracken Bat Cave is home to the largest single colony of Mexican Freetail Bats in the world.  Not only do the bats do much to keep down the insect population across the entire region, but the flight of the bats out of the cave on summer nights has become a major site for ecological tourism, with people coming from around the world to witness the spectacle.


  Walker was concerned that a plan to build thousands of homes near the site would destroy the bat colony.


  He says the best alternative is to have environmental groups purchase the land and keep it in a preservation trust.


  "The ultimate fate of the bats in the bat cave will depend on how our negotiations with Galo Properties go," he said.


  They will probably go in an expensive direction for the conservationists.  The property, which is on prime development land in far north Bexar County, is valued at as much as $37 million.