Tis the Season to be Scared ...
And San Antonio Botanical Gardens has the scarecrows to do it ===============================================

Scarecrows, those stuffed-with-straw mannequins, have been around almost since the advent of farming.

A symbol of fall, 22 of them are on display at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens; created in all shapes, sizes and characters to keep visitors company while they tour the grounds.

"Traditionally, scarecrows were meant to chase away scarecrows coming to the field and it's a tradition of the fall," says Education Director Sasha Kodet.

"So as visitors stroll through, they can check out some of these different scarecrows that also tie into our fall festival coming up, Botanica."

Kodet says their scarecrows come in a wide variety.
"We have Elvis I Ain't Nuthin' But a Scarecrow and Marilyn MunScarecrow.
Some are very creative and others are more traditional," says Kodet.

In old time England, kids were hired to scare off the crows.