A gunman who held police at bay all day in a room at the Super 8 motel downtown surrendered without further incident this afternoon, police tell 1200 WOAI news. 

  "Motel standoff suspect has surrendered and is in custody," police said in a message posted on the department's Facebook page.  "Noinjuries to the suspectorany additional officers."

 The Super 8 motel at Camden at St. Mary's, right at Interstate 35, was at the center of police activity all day, after the man allegedly shot a police officer who arrived to answer a call about an argument in the room.


  "When officers arrived, the suspect shot through the door and the officer was struck in the head," Chief William McManus said.


  The man then retreated into the motel room. Police called SWAT units, helicopters, negotiators, and the man's family. 


  "The suspect is a male in his late thirties, and is believed to be contained in the room," McManus said.


  He said the officer is at SAMMC and is expected to recover from his wound.

  Police are now reopening several streets which have been closed all day, including the upper level of Interstate 35 north of downtown.  The closing of that street caused major traffic delays.  The suspect is expected to face charges of attempted capital murder.