Wearing fatigues instead of the full dress uniform worn by every other court officer, Maj. Nidal Hasan was wheeled into the courtroom at Ft. Hood today to begin standing trial for the 2009 massacre that left 13 people dead.


  Security was tight as Hasan, who also wore an Army issued knit cap which he said is needed due to his health issues and not due to any religious reasons, delivered a brief opening statement, less than five minutes, in which he said flatly "the evidence will show that I am the shooter."


  Hasan was shot four times, ending the shooting rampage at a soldier readiness station at Ft. Hood.  He has to wear two colostomy bags and other devices to help with his bodily functions, which is why Judge Col. Tara Osborn allowed him not to wear the dress uniform which is standard for military courts.


  Prosecutor Col. Steve Hendricks said Hasan's intent was to 'kill as many soldiers as he could."


  Hasan has indicated he will call only two witnesses, and he is expected to be one of them.  Hasan is acting as his own lawyer, with help from a team of miltiary defense attorneys.


  Hasan faces the death penalty if convicted.