Most San Antonians are shedding clothes
right now but local firefighters
are putting more on. In this heat
they still have to wear protective
firefighting garb.

"It gets exponentially worse
when it's hot outside but the
SAFD has a heat stress policy
in effect several years now."


"These firefighters are using
and wearing about 60 pounds of
equipment when you take into
account their bunker gear,
breathing apparatus, their
oxygen tank."

Fire department spokesperson
Christian Bove says they have
strict policies in place to
safeguard personnel.

Bove says one thing
that they do is add manpower.

"Many of your working
structure fires will
go to a 2nd alarm because
we are sending more
firefighters to the scene,
adding a second
unit to keep these firefighters
well rested."

He says shifts rotate to
protect against heat exhaustion.