Tax Free Weekend in Texas is August
9-11 but's Kay Bell says buyer beware.

Shoppers for school
items will save money on purchases
without being charged tax ... and
she says stores know this.

"Retailers hope that once you
are in there, and you make
it through
your tax free product list and
then find something else that
you want to buy."

She says tax free shopping is simply
a gift to the public. It keeps
voters happy which keeps politicians

"It's very popular with the citizenry
which means it's very popular
with voters so from a political
standpoint, it's something
that politicians like to do."

"With no income tax that we file
in Texas, this is the most direct
way that we can get a break
on our tax bill," she says.

Shoppers can print a list
from the state comptrollers' office
of all of the tax free

18 states now have tax free weekend.