The people who are yelling ‘Merry Christmas!’ the loudest are Bexar County retailers.


  The Texas State Comptroller today reported sales tax receipts collected in Bexar County, the best measure of retail sales, were up more than 14% on November over November of 2012.


  Even counting for the one eighth cent increase in the San Antonio sales tax rate, which took effect in April, that shows amazing growth in retail sales over the past year.  The statewide increase was 5%, and the other major counties in the state showed roughly a 5% growth in retail sales year to year.


Harris County, by comparison, showed a little under 5% sales tax collection increase over November of 2012.  Year to date sales tax collections in Travis County were actually down compared with last November.


  The figures indicate that the Bexar County retail sales boom, which began in earnest in the spring of 2012, is going strong and shows no signs of abating, which is defiantly good news for local retailers.