About Texas 300 teenagers who participated in World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro are back home, many tired out following a nearly 24 hour series of plane flights from Brazil to San Antonio, but fired up over the challenge from Pope Francis for young people to help energize the Catholic Church.


  Family members and friends met the young people, priests, and Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller at San Antonio International Airport.


  "It was an exciting trip," the Archbishop said.  "Just to be invited by the Pope, it was a powerful experience to be a guest of the Pope."


  Garcia-Siller talked about taking the Texas young people on missionary work in a poor Brazilian community about two hours from Rio.


  He said Pope Francis wasted no time challenging the two million young people from around the works who attended the event on Rio's Copacabana Beach.


  "Go forth, that was one, the second one was don't be afraid, and the third piece was...to serve," Garcia-Siller said.


  He said Pope Francis didn't mince words with anybody he spoke with.


  "He presented challenges to civil leaders, challenges to bishops, challenges to the youth, and challenges to adults," he said.


  The World Youth Day events take place every three years to energize young Catholics.  The trip to Rio was Francis' first journey outside Italy as Pope, and it took him back to his native South America.