Motorists who drive on Loop 410 on San Antonio's south side and I-10 from San Antonio to Seguin are finding something new on the highway--they are driving on State Highway 130.


  1200 WOAI news reports that both Bexar County highways have been given 'dual designation' in an effort to make sure motorists are aware of a second route to drive from I-35 coming north from Laredo to get around downtown San Antonio, congested I-35 and downtown Austin on their way to Dallas and points north.


  "It's much easier now for them to find out that they don't have to go through downtown traffic in San Antonio, and fight through that traffic to get to Austin," said Christ Lippincott, a spokesman for the SH 130 Concessions Company, the private firm which operates the $1.1 billion toll road.


  The fact that 410 and 10 have 'dual designations' doesn't mean they will become toll roads, officials stress.  Lippincott says it is mainly to allow 'infrequent drivers in the region' to become aware of all possible routes.


  "We want to make sure that drivers have all of the options that they have, to stay out of traffic on I-15."


  The 'dual designation' extends the length of State Highway 130 to 90 miles, because it now includes 410 from the I-35 intersection southwest of downtown San Antonio, around to Interstate 10 on the east side of the city, and then to the SH 130 interchange near Seguin.


  "Long distance signage north of Austin and south of San Antonio allows a driver northbound out of Laredo and other border crossings with Mexico to find their way to SH 130 without having to do as much guesswork," SH 130 Concessions Company COO Matt Pierce said.


  The Chairman of the Company, former San Antonio Greater Chamber President Joe Krier, says the company is also looking at building a second connection from I-35 to SH 130 near New Braunfels, to make it easier for San Antonio commuters to take the toll road.