There's controversy in the race for governor of Texas, and potential Democratic candidate Wendy Davis isn't even in the race yet.


  A supporter of Republican candidate Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter that Davis, a state senator from Ft. Worth is a 'Retard Barbie.'


  Abbott's Twitter account responded with a boilerplate 'thank you for your support.'  It is not known whether Abbott himself saw the Twitter post.


  "In one comment, Attorney General Greg Abbott has insulted every Texan with a partisan attack on the senator,” Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said.  "It is beneath the office of Attorney General, and the office Abbott now seeks, governor of our great state."


  It's not the first time the 'Barbie' reference has been used in reference to Davis.  During the abortion debate in which Davis shot to prominence, a Republican operative referred to her as 'Abortion Barbie.'


  "These mean spirited remarks insult all women, members of the disability community, and a great public servant like Senator Davis," Hinojosa said.  "This is what Republicans think about women.  They think that a Harvard law school graduate, state senator, mother of two, and a long time fighter for Texas families deserves to be spoken to like this, in a public forum.  These comments tell you all you need to know about the Republican Party of Texas and it's attitude towards women and those with disabilities."