A study by the Entrepreneurs Organization shows that two thirds of San Antonio small businesses plan to hire more full time workers in the coming six months, and 53% plan to hire more part time workers as well, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  “I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs every week, and constantly, everybody is upbeat,” said Organization president Frank Wagner, president of Wagner Interiors.


  The survey included 94 San Antonio area companies with at least $1 million in annual revenue and sizable impacts on the local economy.


  Wagner says there is nothing but growth on the horizon, as continued strong construction, retail spending, and growth in the biomedical and technical fields spurs expansion in a wide variety of businesses.


  “Real estate development, businesses moving to San Antonio, people moving to San Antonio, all of that feeds a positive economic development,” he said.


  Wagner also praised city government, saying the city administration appears to be showing strong support for the growth of small business.


  As an example of the local booming economy, the State comptroller’s office reported Wednesday that retail sales in November, which included Black Friday, were up an amazing 14.25% over November of 2012, the strongest growth of any large county in the state.  In fact, some large counties, like Travis County, actually experienced a drop in retail sales in November.


  Wagner says the San Antonio success should not be taken for granted.


  “The results from the survey underscore that San Antonio businesses are thriving despite the current economic climate,” he said.  “We expect our businesses to continue growing, and we expect the market to rebound in a positive way.”