Texas leads the nation in another embarrassing statistic...more Texas children were killed by abuse in 2012 than in any other state, 1200 WOAI News reports.


  Of course, Texas is the second largest state in the USA in terms of population,  but the 215 kids who were killed by their custodial guardians in 2012 is disturbing.


  Patrick Crimmins of Texas Family and Protective Services says there is not an identifiable trend.


  "It will go up one year and then it will go down," he said.  "It will go up and then fall.  It tends to fluctuate from year to year."


  He does point out that even though the number is high, it is actually the lowest number of kids killed by abuse in Texas since 2008.


  "We can't really explain the increase or the decrease," he says.  "There are too many factors involved in child abuse deaths."


  There is a spike in Texas in deaths of children caused by foster parents.  Child Protective Services head John Specia, who is a former Bexar County Juvenile Court Judge, is investigating how the state can better handle foster care situations.