Make sure you lock down your home...this is the worst week of the year for home burglaries...according to figures released by Allstate Insurance.


  "We searched to see what were the most common days for people to file burglary claims," Allstate's Kristen Fries tells 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.  "Our top day was August 10th, followed by October first and January first.


  Fries says the reason this is the most popular week of the year for home burglars is obvious.  This is the height of the summer vacation season, and families being out of their homes means its a great time for burglars to slip in.


  "People a lot of  times when they will leave for vacation, you'll see excess mail, door hangars, newspapers lying around the front yard," she said.  "All of these are clues that there is no one home."


  She says many not to bright homeowners actually provide burglars with an engraved invitation to come into their homes and steal everything.  Those are the people who can't help themselves, and they post photos of themselves and their kids at the beach on Facebook, signaling to anybody who is looking that they are far away from their home, and the valuables inside it.


  She says wait until you get back home before posting all those vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram.


  The reason January 1 is a big day for home burglary loss reports is similar.  People are away for the holidays, and lots of people have cool new stuff around the house that they just got for Christmas.


 No word on why October 1 is so popular.