Seniors in general do better in
warm climates but UT Health Science
Center's Fred Campbell, M.D.,
says they can also
become dehydrated in intense

"In a severe heat as we are
having in San Antonio, heat
can kill because of severe hydration."

He says seniors forget
or don't realize that
they need more water
than what they drink.

"Seniors are different because
they have a tendency
not to recognize when they
are dehydrated so they
don't have the stimulus
to drink water," he says.

He says those with no
air conditioning will be
ok with a fan but that
the wind should hit the skin

And as we age, so does the body's
temperature gauge: the hypothalamus.
says that means seniors might
not feel the heat because
of a faulty reading.

"The false signals can send
even a cool sensation when
someone is severly dehydrated
and has a high temperature."