So what’s with the current rash of women, and man and woman teams, committing some of the most violent crimes we have seen in the city?


  It is a man and a woman who are charged with critically wounding San Antonio Police Officer Robert Deckard on Sunday, as they were trying to escape arrest for committing as many as a dozen armed robberies.


  On Monday, police arrested a man and woman team in connection with as many as ten robberies on the west side, and again on Tuesday, police put out an alert for a man and a woman who had stuck up a northeast side convenience store.


   Crimes that women are generally involved in have a tendency to be drug type offenses, crimes against children or spouses, or non violent thefts, like shoplifting and scamming, in addition to sex crimes like prostitution.


  Megan Augustyn, a criminal justice professor at UTSA who is an expert on gender roles in crime, says frequently in these ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ type cases, the woman is a victim too.


  “The man says to her, if you don’t help me now, if I get caught, I’m going to turn you in,” Augustyn said.


  But sometimes the involvement of the woman goes far deeper, as is allegedly the case with the couple charged with shooting Officer Deckard.  Genevieve Ramos, 32, is facing serious charges that are equal to those faced by the man charged in the case.  She says in many of the cases, the woman actually plans the crime, and the man is the one who takes the lead in the robbery.


  “There is a lot of victimization that goes on in these same relationships,” she said.


  Experts say when violence is involved, it is not unusual for the perpetrators to use violence against each other, as they have a tendency to be individuals who are unable to resolve any of their issues in any way other than with violence.


  “The women kind of felt pressure to engage in crime by a male partner, or they were doing it because it is an intimate partner and they wanted to make them happy,” she said.


  Regardless, the old phrase, ‘if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’ applies to women as well as men, and in all cases the women are expected to face very serious punishment.