A young motorist who was driving at twice the legal limit when he hit a San Antonio Police Officer will have 16 years to sober up...in prison.

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports Kevin Balditt, 27, won't even see a parole officer until he has served eight hard years behind bars, under the sentence handed down by State District Judge Ray Olivarri.

  Balditt pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a public servant, a second degree felony.  He could have gotten twenty years.

  Balditt was driving drunk on January 22, 2011, when he lost control of his car on the elevated lanes of Interstate 35 east of downtown, and slammed into Officer Michael Thornton, who was walking back to his patrol car after helping a driver change a flat tire.

  The force of the wreck pushed officer Thornton off the 25 foot tall overpass, and he lost his leg in the accident.

  Thornton, a decorated Iraq War veteran, was rushed to BAMC, where he was treated by the same team of surgeons who treated him after he was rushed to San Antonio with severe burns after his convoy hit a roadside explosive in Iraq.

  Two hours after the wreck, Balditt still had a blood alcohol content of .16.  The legal limit in Texas is .08.

  Balditt had been convicted before of drunk driving.