Even people who refer to themselves as 'huge gun supporters' have serious questions about a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission proposal to allow alcohol to be sold at gun shows, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Many venues that host gun shows have licenses to sell liquor, but currently, liquor cannot be some when the gun show is being assembled, conducted, or taken down.

  The TABC is looking at a proposal to allow liquor to be sold in those facilities, but only if no ammunition is allowed in the show, and if the buyers cannot take possession of their weapons.

  People attending a gun show on Saturday were shocked to hear about the proposal, many said 'guns and alcohol don't mix.'

  Others say the regulations that disallow ammo and the immediate possession of purchased weapons are a 'back door' attempt to get rid of gun shows.

 "If you're a vendor, wanting to participate in a gun show, you have to look at the economics of this," said Jim Richardson, who runs a shooting club in Williamson County.  "You have to ask yourself, is it worth my time and money to attend a show where selling my wares is outlawed, or severely restricted."

  The TABC will hold several public hearings before making a final determination.