The AT&T Center when the Spurs are on the court has been named one of the top ten stadium experiences nationwide, in any type of sport, college, minor or major league, indoor or outdoor, in a review by Stadium Journey, a web site dedicated to sports facilities, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "If there were a championship for the best venue in the league, it would be hard to top the AT&T Center," the publication said.


  The AT&T Center picked up a full five stars in five of the seven categories ranked, winning top level billing in food and beverage, fans, atmosphere, return on investment, and 'extras.'  The AT&T Center got a respectable four out of five stars in neighborhood and accessibility.


  In the 'atmosphere' category, the publication says you can't beat the atmosphere of walking into the stadium and seeing four world championship trophies being displayed. 


  "This sets the mood for what you are about to see--one of the most successful small-market franchises in professional sports," the magazine says.


  The publication reserves its praise for Spurs fans.


  "I expected spoiled and obnoxious behavior after all of those titles," the reviewer said.  "Instead, I found them to be happy, smiling, and very well behaved.  There were dozens of families with infants and toddlers, and everyone got into the game.  One of the problems in sports these days is hype and overreaction. Fans emulate players who celebrate trivial accomplishments such as dunk when down 10 points late in the game.  The Spurs simply play basketball and win, and their fans follow suit, passionately following their team but maintaining a respect for the game, and their fellow fans."


  As evidence of the all encompassing nature of Stadium Journey's research, the number one venue in all of sports is the Amsoil Arena in Duluth Minnesota, the home of the minor league Duluth Bulldogs.  Number two is the Daytona Motor Speedway in Florida.


  The AT&T Center ranks number nine.  Others above San Antonio include Fenway Park in Boston and Notre Dame Football stadium, the home of the Fighting Irish. 


  Darrel Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin is ranked Number 32.  The Dallas Cowboys huge AT&T Stadium in Arlington ranks Number 44.  Reliant Stadium where the Texans play is Number 49.  Kyle Field at Texas A&M is Number 70, and the Erwin Center in Austin, the home of U.T. basketball, ranks Number 80.