The city of San Antonio has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a local boarding home, citing more than seventy health and safety violations, many of which are contrary to the 2012 ordinance cracking down on group home operations.

  The city's lawsuit claims the owner of the property in the 400 block of Marbella Vista, in Stone Oak, has safety code violations ranging from insanitary conditions to inadequate sprinklers and smoke alarms.

  The city is asking a judge to order all residents out of the home within thirty days.

  The city says it will continue filing lawsuits to obtain safer conditions for nursing home residents.

  Joe Krier, who represents the north side on City Council, praised the city's action.

  "We have received countless complaints against this home and our residents will be glad to hear that the city is staying on top of these issues," Krier said.

  Following a fire in Monte Vista in 2012 that killed four residents of a boarding home, the city has cracked down on conditions inside the facilities.  Boarding homes, where mentally or physically disabled people who cannot fully care for themselves life, are generally operated by for profit companies on contracts from local or state agencies.