A group says poll workers in Bexar County have been steering Hispanic voters toward the Democratic column in the recently completed early voting for the Tuesday primary, one going so far as to tell a voter, 'you are a Hipanic, you're not a Republican,' a free market action group claims.


  The LIBRE Institute, which says it 'advocates the principles of free market economics to employer Hispanics,' says this sort of voter sorting based on ethnicity is not uncommon.


  "It is extremely worrying that people empowered by the government to oversee elections are acting to steer voters to one party or another," LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza said.  "Latinos and others should not face illegal pressure to identify with a particular candidate or party."


  He says a 'fundamental rule of our democracy' is a 'diversity of views.'


  "Hispanics don't belong to just one political party," he said.  "It's insulting and patronizing to act as if they do, and to try to tell them to line up behind candidates who don't reflect their views of advance their interests."


  The group says an election administrator 'took steps to correct the problem.'