Texas Now Home to Two White Lion Cubs
Old zoo given a new life too

Steve Trager is a chiropractor from Dallas with such a strong interest in conservation that he bought himself a zoo. He bought the old Snake Farm Zoo on I35 and is converting it to wildlife conservation showplace.

A recent purchase for the zoo  from South Africa are the state's only white lion cubs.

"There was a conservation ranch that had a couple of white lion cubs available and they wanted them to go into a zoo. They wanted to educate the public about conservation." So Trager bought them for that purpose.

There are only 300 white lions left
in the world, thanks to poachers
and the destruction of wildlife

Trager is also recoverting what used to be a sideshow attraction, The Snake Farm Zoo, following the now trend of conservation not just exhibition.

"They got here, they're four months old, they're doing great and they've been doing their job; they've been a great ambassador of their species and people are learning all about the African lion,"
he says.

Trager says with two children, his
aim is to educate Texans about
our vanishing wildlife.

"It's an opportunity for people to
ask the trainers and zoo keepers
questions, they keepers will talk
about conservation, about the lions
and even themselves."

The zoo is open now to visitors.