A suspect is in custody after a highway gunbattle which started on Highway 90 on the west side and ended in the parking lot of South Park Mall.


  Sheriff's spokesman Paul Berry says it began at Highway 90 and Cupples when deputes realized that the cab of an 18 wheeler they were chasing had been stolen.


  When they tried to pull over the driver, instead he leaned out of the window of the cab and started shooting at them.


  Deputies returned fire as the stolen big rig and the deputies rolled down the busy highway.


  The suspect finally pulled into the parking lot of South Park Mall, plowing into several cars in the parking lot.  He jumped out and ran into the Beall's Department Store, but was captured by detectives.


 The suspect, identified as Rodney Garrett, 28, is facing attempted capital murder of a polckie officer chargfes, as well as felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and felony criminal mischef.


  Fortunately, no deputies were hurt.  Berry says no shots were fired at the mall, where bemused shoppers looked on as investigators gathered information about the case.