Northside Councilman and long time San Antonio Chamber of Commerce President Joe Krier today ruled out running for interim mayor in the special council meeting set for next week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "Having just been elected on May 10, I have made a commitment to the residents of District 9 to serve out the remainder of former Councilwoman Elisa Chan's term," Krier said.

  Krier joins Rey Saldana and Rebecca Viagran as the only council members to rule out seeking the interim mayor's job.  Most of the remaining seven council members are expected to contend for the mayor's post.

  Julia Castro will resign at the July 22nd meeting to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

  The winning candidate will have to receive six votes from his or her fellow council members.  Since council members are allowed to abstain, and so many members of council are running, the voting process could be a complicated and dramatic one.

  The front runners now are seen as east side Councilwoman Ivy Taylor and northwest side Councilman Ray Lopez, the two longest serving members of council.

  A big decision council will have to make is whether to support an 'interim' mayor, like Lopez or Taylor, and risk having a weak, 'lame duck' mayor for the next ten months, or to select somebody who will seek the post in May of 2015, like downtown Councilman Diego Bernal, and risk giving that person a head start in a field which is likely to contain other council members.

   Under the city charter, only one of the ten sitting council members can be named Mayor.