A six year old girl has died after she was run over by the bus that was to take her to school this morning, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Universal City Police say the accident happened in the pre dawn darkness at Kitty Hawk and Loop 1604.

Police say the girl was a student at Coronado Village Elementary in the Judson ISD.

She was waiting for the bus in front of the Avana Grove Apartments, which was the place she normally caught the bus in the morning.

The girl was with a 'male family member' at the time of the accident.

Detectives say the girl was late to the bus stop and fell under the wheels of the bus.  They're not sure whether she tripped or simply misjudged the location of the steps into the bus.

The bus driver is described as the regular bus driver, and no charges were filed.

The male family member tried to get help, but police say no motorist was willing to stop and help, and the girl was pronounced dead.