The San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau is marking National Travel and Tourism Week by urging people in San Antonio to use their vacation days.


  A proclamation issued by Mayor Castro last night declares next week to be the Salute to Tourism week across the city.  30 million visitors came to San Antonio in 2013, a $12 billion boost to the local economy.  Tourism and other hospitality-related enterprises employ 112,000 people in Bexar County.


  Richard Oliver of the CVB says the message they want to get out is, most people don't utilize the vacation days they have coming.  The average San Antonio worker left 3.2 days of vacation unused last year, and more than 40% of us finished 2013 with unused vacation time.


  "If employees would just that one day of earned leave that they left on the table last year, the economy would improve to the tune of $73 billion," Oliver said.


  Oliver said the improvement to the mental and physical health of the employees, and to the financial health of this tourism-heavy city would benefit greatly from what the U.S. Travel Association calls the 'Day-Off Dividend.'


  "I take a day off, I go down to the Riverwalk, I eat, a tip a cabbie, I go to a restaurant," Oliver said.


  Several events are scheduled across the city to mark Travel and Tourism week.  Many attractions are offering discounts.