They’ve got an ass on their hands at the San Antonio Animal Shelter.


  “We found a donkey, an all-white burro, at Ingram Park Mall,’ Lisa Norwood of Animal Care Services said.  “Security actually found the donkey wandering through the parking lot early this morning.”


  She says a security guard managed to tie the male donkey to a lamp post, at least briefly.


  “When Animal Care Services arrived, he was able to give us the slip.  So there was a bit of a chase before we were able to corral him.”


  Norwood says nobody is sure where the donkey came from.  She says it’s a mystery.


  “We have no idea how this donkey got to Ingram Park Mall,” she said.  “In fact, we’re looking for information to help us solve the mystery.”


  The donkey has been named ‘Jimmy Changa’ by the Animal Care Services staff.