Today is Valero Energy CEO Bill Klesse's last day as the head of San Antonio's largest company, and he used the occasion to demolish the arguments of a 'global warming' activists who called on Valero, at its' annual meeting, to do more to stop climate change.


  The protester cited United Nations reports and other data and claimed 'time is running out' to save the planet from the ravages of global warming.


  "I've been in the energy business for a long time," Klesse said.  "Every single group, from Nobel laureates to others, has predicted this gloom and doom since the 1970s, and not one has come true."


  Klesse then went on to tout the advantages of available and affordable energy, pointing out that alternative energy sources, at least today, are beyond the reach of most people in the world.


   Klesse said nothing improves lives and lifts people out of poverty like reliable energy supplies, and he pointed out that one constant among the poorest countries in the world is a lack of a reliable supply of affordable energy.


  "You can heat your home, you cook your food, you boil water," he said.  "Fossil fuels are economic for people, and what do people want, a better life."


  Klesse said Valero is a leader in alternative fuels, operating eleven ethanol plants in the upper Midwest.