We all love our Spurs, but where do you draw the line when it comes to wearing Spurs gear on the job?


  Stephanie Manchaca, an HR consultant with the local office of the business services firm Inspirity says while most companies love the camaraderie that the playoffs bring, the key is to remain professional.


  "While a majority of people who live in San Antonio are Spurs fans, not all of your customers or your clients may be," she said.


  She says managers need to regulate the types of office behavior that is acceptable.


  "Office environmental tend to be more casual, which opens the door to wear more sports attire."


  She says a lot of it has to do with what type of business you're in.  While a criminal attorney wearing a Manu jersey in the courtroom may be out of place, it would be perfectly acceptable for an accountant in the billing department.


  She also says Spurs gear should be considered just like any other clothing when it comes to weather it is appropriate in the work place.  A tank top is not appropriate, unless you work at Hooters, whether it has Tim Duncan's number on it or now.


  She says similarly, 'over the top' support of the Spurs at the office should be kept to a professional level.


  "They could have one piece of Spurs gear for the office or the cubicle, and at that point let the decorating stop," she said.


  The Spurs take on the Mavericks for critical Game Three tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.  The broadcast starts at 3PM on Spursradio 1200 WOAI.