Mayor Ivy Taylor joined several transportation groups today to urge Congress to approve a new Federal Transportation Funding bill, before the current one expires at the end of next month, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "Transportation is the life blood of a community, and it makes a major impact on what happens in a local economy," said Jeff Arndt, the President of VIA Metro Transit.

  Today is Stand Up for Transportation Day,' with officials from around the country pushing for new funding for transportation bills.

  Arndt says without a long term federal transportation bill, San Antonio and communities across the country face great uncertainty.

  He says federal funding is about 12% of VIA's budget, which would certainly damage efforts to expand service and update the bus fleet if that money were lost.

  "Nearly half of the people who ride VIA take it to get to a job," he said.  "Then there are those who take it to get to education, to get training, to get to medical services."

  VIA Chair Hope Andrade said transportation 'keeps our region running, and thriving.'

  The transportation bill is stalled over several issues, including whether the federal gasoline tax should be raised and, ironically, complaints by some members of Congress that gas tax revenue should be used for highways only, and not for mass transit projects.