A left leaning Texas activist group today began an effort to discuss the idea if 'regulating' or  legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, 1200 WOAI news reports.


“Progress Texas believes it’s time to promote a thoughtful public conversation around the issue of marijuana regulation,” said Ed Espinoza, Executive Director of Progress Texas. “This survey intends to find out where Texans stand on the subject.”


  Progress Texas is a 501(c) 4 organization designed to push reliably Republican Texas into the Democratic column.  It says it will circulate a survey on the issue...following the success of marijuana legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington. 


The survey primarily consists of three questions on policies pertaining to medicinal use, lessening offenses for possession, and full regulation.


  There may be another motive for the Progress Texas survey.  Democratic consultants have suggested pushing a marijuana initiative, which is a popular issue among the young voters who helped elect Barack Obama president, but who may have soured on the Democrats due to the high cost to millennials of enrolling in Obamacare.  If Democrat-leaning groups can be seen by these disaffected Democrats as pushing this popular issue, it could prompt them to back Democrats in the November elections.


  There is precedent for this strategy.  Republican successes in 2004, including the re-election of President Bush, were boosted by Republican backed traditional marriage initiatives in several key states, most notably in Ohio.