The folks over at USAA San Antonio are partnering with AT&T in support of their “It Can Wait” Movement.


      George Drew, with the company says they’re taking their simulator across the country to remind our service men and women to stay safe this summer.


     “When you choose to text and drive you are up to 23 more times more at risk to get into a wreck,” Drew said. “It's very dangerous for not only you but other drivers on the road.”


      He says no matter how good of a texter someone may be, texting while driving is the same as driving after drinking four beers.


      To help show the dangers of texting firsthand, the company is traveling across the city with a simulator.


      The simulator not only prompts the “driver” to respond to texts, but it also shows the unpredictable nature of roadways.


      “It’s just like a video game, but it uses more realistic scenarios,” Drew said. “It’s not meant to stump the texter but show how hard it is to multitask while staying a defensive driver.”