Wendy Davis has picked up a high profile ally in her raced for governor.  She will appear at a $10,000 a ticket fundraiser later this month alongside legendary Texas musician Willie Nelson.

  "She's got a shot," Nelson said of Davis' run for governor.  "All the girls like her."

  The event will take place at the Houston home of Steve Mostyn, a trial lawyer and one of the top fundraisers for Texas Democrats.

  "Willie Nelson's wife went to Wendy and said they wanted to do an event," Mostyn told 1200 WOAI news.  "They called me and asked if we would host it."

  The Nelson connection is another boost for Davis, who is running an aggressive campaign in an attempt to be the first Democrat elected governor since Ann Richard in 1990, and the first Democrat to be elected to any statewide office since Bob Bullock was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1994.

  "We're bringing in one of the championship barbecue teams from the Texas Rodeo, Mostyn said.  "They're going to set up one of two days in advance and they'll smoke all the meat."

  Mostyn says he and Willie and Davis and the other participants will 'eat barbecue and talk politics."