The main doors of the Witte Museum on Broadway will close today and will remain closed for the next two years, as the city's premier science museum undergoes the largest renovation in its nearly 90 year history, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Witte CEO Marise McDermott says the museum will remain open throughout that time, you'll just have to use a separate entrance.

  "We will still be open, at the Riverside Entrance, right next to the HEB Body Adventure, which, or course, is brand new and fabulous."

  She says the new South Texas Heritage Center, which opened in the old Pioneer Hall south of the museum will also remain open, as will the traveling exhibitions like 'Grossology' which is current attracting plenty of guests.

  "When we re-open the front of the building, it will be so dramatically changed, we are calling it 'the New Witte," McDermott said.

  She says the main entrance will include a major hall and the renovation will lead to several new exhibition spaces.

  "It is going to be spectacular, it will have a new entrance, thirty foot ceilings, the Valero Great Hall, the Mays Family Exhibition Center, our dinosaur gallery, the largest Terrasaur ever found, which was found in Big Bend."

  The dinosaur and it's footprints which were recently discovered in the Government Canyon Natural Area will also a a big part of 'the New Witte.'

  The Witte Museum opened in October 1926, after San Antonio Mayor John Wallace Tobin famously asked the group raising money, 'what's a museum?'  The Witte is Alfred Witte, who left $65,000 in his will when he died in 1925 to help fund the project.