Now Hungry Families are Down a Meal
Cuts in food stamps now in effect

Cuts in food stamps go into effect today, November 1st.

Celia Cole of the Texas Food Bank Network says families will be less $36.00 a month for food ... and when you're poor, that's a lot.

"For a struggling family on a tight food budget, $36.00 can mean the difference between putting food on the table or not," says Cole.
Cole says the food banks are traditionally just for emergencies ... but they are slowly becoming a main source of food for low income families.

"The Food Bank Network is to help retailers and food manufacturers be an outlet for their waste and to help families with emergencies but now we're becoming for many Texans a regular outlet for food aid."

Cole says local food banks will need more donations for their pantry now that cuts in food stamps are in effect.

She says congress giveth ... and now they taketh away.
Once enhancing food stamp benefits, they then decided not to.

"And then they changed their mind
a few years later, and diverted that money to other things and decided to abruptly end the boost of the money to other things Nov. 1, 2013."
She says donations pick up this time of
year, but decline in the new year ...
yet people stay hungry all year long.