The 13 jurors who will sit on the jury which will hear the court martial of Maj. Nidal Hasan told the judge today that they are ready for duty, 1200 WOAI news reprots.


 Col. Tara Osborn wanted to make sure all 13, including nine bird colonels, three lieutenant colonels and one major, are aware that the trial could last more than a month and they will be asked to decide an issue of life or death.


  Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, no hung juries will be allowed in capital cases.  If the jury cannot agree on a top count conviction, they will find Hasan not guilty on that county and then go down to the next lesser count.  If all thirteen jurors can't agree that Hasan is guilty, he will be acquitted.


  Hasan did not speak in today's proceedings, but on Friday he told Osborn he intends to call only two witnesses, including, presumably, himself.  Osborn has repeatedly warned Hasan that she will not stand for him using his opening arguments or his direct testimony to make speeches or to spout jihadist gibberish.


  Hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 in a shooting spree at a soldier readiness room at Ft. Hood in November 2009.  He faces the death penalty if convicted.