San Antonio is under a level two heat advisory, with temperature over 100 degrees expected all week.

      While we may be complaining about the summer heat, try making a living working outdoors. Nicholas Sanson, President at A-Tex Roofing and Remodeling says working as a roofer in August, is no easy feat.

      “If I had to describe it, brutal in one word,” he said. “It's 150 to 180 degrees up there... jobs that are normally one day jobs are taking two to three days to finish.”

      The summer heat not only causes concerns for the health of the roofers but also productivity.

      “We require a mandatory number of breaks,” Sanson said. “For every hour that they’re up there they have to come down for 15 minute breaks.”

        Making sure every gets off the roof and is staying hydrated by getting in the water is a serious concern during the summer, he said.  

      “I know that we are hitting record temperature and this has probably been the most intense scenario that we have dealt with,” Sanson said. “If you’re working in air condition, make sure you cherish it.”