The always emotional and always divisive issue of immigration is ratcheting up on both sides, with a 'March for Immigrant's Rights' on the Fourth of July at the Alamo, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "The Administration of President Barack Obama stands as attaining the distinction of 'Deporter in Chief," march organizer Gabriel Velasquez said.  "He has the highest deportation records of any world leader, and the dubious distinction of using the phrase 'Si Se Puede' (yes, we will) to court a growing Latino vote in an obvious bait and switch mishap becoming 'No Se Pudo' (no, we can't).

  The San Antonio march comes only a few days after an anti immigration march, featuring participants yelling 'send them back!' and 'no amnesty!' blocked bus loads of Central American immigrants from getting to a shelter in Southern California.  It's an indication of the potential for volatility of the immigration issue, and how difficult it is for politicians to embrace it.

  "Immigrant activists in San Antonio now push for an end to false promises and the tearing up of families, turning a deaf ear to politicians, and continuing yet another phase of their human rights cause for expansion of immigrant admission into the U.S."

  Velázquez and other march organizers say 'nothing less than an amnesty' will be acceptable to the activists.

  "President Obama's use of deportation as a means to placate Republicans had an unintended consequence when appears to have emboldened anti immigration sentiment," Velazquez said.