Wendy Davis has some explaining to do.


  The Democratic governor candidate is spending much of her time on the campaign trail trying to explain her position in support of the open carrying of firearms.


  Texas Democrats, including the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, San Antonio State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, distanced themselves from Davis' stance.  Even the Texas Democratic Party released a statement rejecting the idea of allowing people to openly carry firearms.


  And in her fist campaign appearance since the statement, she spent most of her time explaining her position.  When asked why she voted agaisnt a proposal to expand the carrying of guns on college campuses, Davis offered this rather contorted reply:


  "You may know that I was a key vote in keeping guns on campus from passing," Davis said.  "And yet, I did offer an amendment in the 2011 session to provide the opportunity for our college systems to make that decision for themselves."


  Davis stressed that individual cities and campuses should have the right to decide whether guns should be carried openly.


  "In Texas we have a culture that respects the Second Amendment, but we also have the respect to allow property owner to decide what is right for them," Davis said.


  Republicans and conservative groups are having a field day with Davis' concealed carry comment.  The web site 'The Real Wendy,' which is operated by Republican activists, gleefully posted the 'F' rating that Davis received from the National Rifle Association, and conservative publications like National Review Online and Breitbart have accused Davis of pandering to try to crawl out of the hole she dug for herself when she admitted that she lied about key parts of her personal life story.