Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / 2014 Getty Images

Kathy Griffin called out our Texas girl Demi Lovato today as being the biggest D-Bag celeb she's ever I thought I'd answer the question I always get asked, whos' the worst celebrity you've ever met?

Hands down Jared Leto was the biggest jerk when I met him. Sorry ladies, I know you love him. It's crazy cause lots of people say he's a great guy--maybe it was just a bad day for him, regardless...our meeting did not go well back in 2006.

In fact, the interview that followed was one of the most awkward things to listen to and got picked up all over the internet...maybe that's why he's nicer now! Listen to his jerkness now.


THE BACKSTORY: Mix was playing his song more than any other radio station in the country (30 Seconds To Mars "The Kill"), he had agreed to do an interview with us only and didn't even want to do that, we persuaded him to do it and then he moved times no less than 5 times, cancelled it twice, and then decided to do it. It's very difficult to plan your show and promote something you don't know is going to happen. It was a very frustrating day not to mention I was sick which left me with less patience than I normally had. Did I handle this right? Eh...better than what I wanted to say to him.